Apps to Help Navigate Cruise Lines: Recreation Round-Up

Apps to Help Navigate Cruise Lines. Anyone planning a cruise these days quickly learns that major lines such as Disney, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have their own smartphone apps to help passengers navigate their floating cities and discover on-board entertainment, spa services and ports of call. And for most travelers, that’s more than enough information. But should you wish to immerse yourself in cruise culture, there are a handful of apps that allow you to virtually explore dozens of lines and hundreds of ships, stay on budget, even identify the tropical fish swimming below you and the constellations in the dark sky above. Some of the apps don’t even require an Internet connection, so you can play and learn without having to pay for on-board Wi-Fi. Read more at

5 Exercise Machines You Should Never Use at the Gym. Exercise machines are simple — too simple, in fact. According to metabolic training expert BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S. owner of, “They’ve been dumbed down to the point that they just don’t do your body much good.” Besides parking you on your butt, most machines isolate a single muscle, meaning you’ll burn fewer calories and gain less muscle mass rep for rep. Read more at

Yes. Travel is Extraordinarily Good For You: Experts Show How and Why. Do you feel guilty when you travel for pleasure? If so, you’re not alone: Americans are often reluctant to take travel time, even when it’s due them. Yet, according to, nearly half of Americans agree that travel isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. And here are some reasons that’s sooo right. Read more at