As Demand for Welders Resurges, Community Colleges Offer Classes: Industrial Round-Up

As Demand for Welders Resurges, Community Colleges Offer Classes. HOUSTON — Ryan Gassett had already put in a full day, moving heavy boxes and furniture for $15 an hour, when his introductory welding class began at 10 p.m. By the time he arrived at Lone Star College north of Houston, the highway toll collectors at the exit for the school had closed for the night and the campus janitors were mopping bathrooms. Read more at

How Fast And How Deep Will Utilities Venture Into The Solar Energy Craze? The recent showdown in Arizona between customers who generate electricity using rooftop solar panels and the Salt River Project is a microcosm of the national phenomenon: Questions persist over how to allocate the cost of running the grid and how utilities should be investing for the future. Read more at

Ineos to Acquire Stakes in Igas, a Boost to British Shale Gas. LONDON — In a deal that could be a lifeline for the gasping British shale gas industry, the private chemical giant Ineos said on Tuesday that it was acquiring a package of stakes in licenses held by Igas Energy, a British onshore oil and gas company. Read more at