Could Lyft and Uber Put Public Transit Out of Business?: Industrial Round-Up

Could Lyft and Uber Put Public Transit Out of Business? More than three-quarters of people commuting to work each day are driving by themselves. That’s a lot of empty seats on the road — and all that traffic and congestion has a large financial, environmental, and emotional cost. Carpooling is common amongst families, but has yet to become a viable transportation method for most people. It’s certainly never been prevalent enough to be seen as a replacement for having a car. Read more at

For States, $48 Million to Help Cut Emissions. Two charitable groups will spend $48 million over the next three years to help states figure out how to reduce emissions from electricity production, an effort to seize the possibilities that are opening up as the cost of clean power falls. The plan is to be announced Wednesday morning in New York. Half the money will come from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable organization set up by Michael R. Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, and half will come from Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons, a California couple who have taken a strong interest in reducing the risks of climate change. Read more at

Get Used to Cheap Oil. Why Lower Prices May Stick Around. Oil’s plunge is one of the biggest factors reshaping the global economy. How long can it last? Here are two fundamental reasons oil prices could stay low for a while. Read more at