How digitization can transform cleaning operations

There has never been a greater focus on cleaning and hygiene. Employees, tenants, and guests expect higher levels of hygiene in public and at work. Facility managers are working hard to create clean and hygienic spaces. Although the stakes are high, cleaning staff and managers are often tasked with doing more but with the same or fewer resources.

The call for new ways of working has never been clearer. As Henry Ford said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Fortunately, there are new and better ways of creating clean and hygienic spaces. Digitization is the key to helping cleaning operations improve and meet the increased demands of offices today and tomorrow. And Tork EasyCube® can support your shift to data-driven cleaning now.

Data can inform new ways of working

91 percent reduction in dispenser checks

Data generates new insights. With new insights, we can create smarter ways of working that deliver more and better value. The cleaning industry is heavily dependent on people. Making the best use of their time is critical to success.

A primary task of every cleaning shift is a check of all dispensers. Our own Tork EasyCube data collected from customers around the world reveals that dispenser checks were reduced by an average of 91%.1 This high-frequency task turns out mostly to be a waste of potential cleaning time from every shift. Wouldn’t you like to help your most important resource be more productive?

It’s not just about time savings, though. Eliminating or reducing unnecessary dispenser checks also enhances safety. Cleaners only enter restrooms when necessary – reducing the amount of contact and protecting both them and guests in a tight space where social distancing isn’t always possible. It’s all part of how the right data can support better and safer cleaning behaviors.

Reduce your customer churn

Customer churn is incredibly high in the cleaning industry. The Domestic Cleaning Alliance estimates that cleaning companies lose nearly 55% of their customer base—every year.2 Around the world, our customers share that the primary reason their customers give for switching is poor cleaning quality. The most common complaint they receive daily is the lack of hygiene products in restrooms. So much time goes into dispenser checks, but the top complaint reveals too many times that products still aren’t available. What if you could improve customer satisfaction through higher cleaning quality without compromising on operational efficiency?

From static to data-driven cleaning

Going digital with data-driving cleaning is the way to get positive results. Data-driven cleaning provides real-time data on urgent needs  – empowering your staff to focus their time and attention where and when needed. Data enables you to get insights that you can act on – such as where touchpoint cleaning is needed or when dispensers need refilling – all to create smarter ways of working. Data-driven cleaning uses digitization to overcome top cleaning and hygiene challenges, including customer churn.

Tork Easy Cube harnesses real-time information about cleaning needs

How data-driven cleaning works:

  • Connected devices in buildings measure visitor traffic and refill levels in real-time.
  • Data is collected in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure, to ensure security, reliability, and scalability to our software.
  • The data is transformed and displayed in our software system for managers and cleaners. This software integrates the data and prioritizes in real-time, showing when and where there are urgent needs. Smart analytics ensure that resources are optimized for increased efficiency and quality.

Data-driven cleaning with Tork EasyCube

Support better hygiene, a safer environment and peace of mind with Tork EasyCube.

  • Empower cleaning staff to deliver high cleaning quality by working smarter, not harder.
  • Optimize efficiency and resources by saving hundreds of hours a year with an average reduction in dispenser checks of 91%1 – so you can spend time more effectively.
  • Receive real-time information on cleaning needs to help staff be more in control and more engaged. Staff will know that their work really matters and be able to act before issues become complaints.
  • Ensure greater hygiene compliance by being able to:
    • Ensure users always have access to proper hand hygiene supplies – with Tork EasyCube, restrooms are stocked 99% of the time on average.3
    • Adapt cleaning to where it matters most.
    • Better monitor cleaning protocols.
    • Simplify staff training to adhere to heightened cleaning regulations.

The result of using Tork EasyCube is higher cleaning quality, a safe and healthy work environment, improved operational efficiency, and more motivated staff. It creates a new and measurable way of working with better results.

Tork is your hygiene expert and partner

Equip your facility with solutions that help you deliver a safe and healthy environment that satisfies customers while enhancing cleaning quality and efficiency. And team up with a supplier who has extensive hygiene expertise and can help you use data in the right ways—even help reduce your customer churn. Learn more about data-driven cleaning with Tork EasyCube today.

1 Based on customer feedback for dispenser checks over 6 months before vs after installing Tork EasyCube (between June-December 2019).  Measured across 16 sites connected to Tork EasyCube, with each dispenser check taking approx. 20 seconds.
2 CleanLink: Statistics On The Commercial Cleaning Industry
3 Measured across nearly 13,000 connected dispensers between June-December 2019, based on time per month that a dispenser is in an empty status against total time per month.