Improving damaged skin in healthcare

Improving damaged skin in healthcare

Elevated from the pandemic, winter months and more frequent hand hygiene, healthcare workers remain vulnerable to the problems of damaged skin. It’s important to understand the impact of damaged skin and how workers can address it because healthcare workers need to be confident when it comes to using effective hand sanitizers and soaps in their daily routines. Tork has the right solutions for damaged skin – solutions that support efficacy and utilize well-tested skin health evidence.

Germs last longer on damaged skin, and that can have a serious effect on healthcare workers. Research shows that broken skin provides a more direct route for organisms to enter an individual’s bloodstream. Further, employees with dermatitis (a term describing general skin irritation) may experience a greater loss in productivity, lower job satisfaction, and low morale.1 If healthcare workers get sick, they can’t work. Their absence subsequently puts more pressure on coworkers.

Challenge: Finding the right sanitizer and hand soaps

Germs last longer on damaged skin

Throughout healthcare, there is a great need for hand sanitizers as well as a boundless set of products. This overwhelming number of choices makes it challenging for healthcare employees to find a hand sanitizer that does not further damage skin—or even improves it.

Many new hand sanitizers are on the market now, but studies have not been conducted that determine the efficacy of every product. For healthcare workers, the situation raises an important question: How can they ensure they’re using effective hand sanitizers and hand soaps that won’t further damage skin?

The Tork Solution

Tork healthcare hand sanitizers safe and effective

Tork is here to help and has strong solutions when it comes to choosing sanitizers and hand soaps that are based on evidence. We can provide the certainty and confidence healthcare employees require because we have completed relevant lab testing. Our tests confirm efficacy for hand disinfectants as well as virucidal activity for human medicine and surgical disinfectants.

Tork has done thorough testing through Time-Kill studies, which study the rate of kill of a test substance after inoculation with a test organism.

Tork conducts testing that assures:

  • Our wide range of skincare products are gentle to skin.
  • All products undergo a strict product safety assessment.
  • All products are dermatologically tested at all times. First-class results are a basic requirement.
  • Our wide range of skincare products are eco-certified and tested to ensure they are gentle to skin.
  • Products receive certifications from recognized bodies. These organizations include Ecolabel, a European designation that products meet environmental standards, and ECARF, which aids in the selection of products and services suitable for use by allergic consumers.

Green Seal Certification

The Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer is also among the first two sanitizers in the market to meet the high standard for health and safety set forth by the leading non-profit authority, Green Seal. Green Seal screened 100% of the product formula for carcinogens, reproductive toxins, skin irritants, phthalates, parabens, and contaminants before awarding the certification. The product is also required to meet uncompromising performance standards, use ingredients that do not pollute waterways, and use environmentally preferable packaging materials.

Healthcare workers can trust Tork because our products work and are supported by evidence. Tork can also help you improve damaged skin. Learn more about our product bundle and studies at Tork Clean Care.

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