Is That an Office In Your Pocket? Office Round-Up

Is That an Office In Your Pocket? Earlier this month, IBM launched their first batch of enterprise apps, designed in partnership with Apple. The apps bring IBM’s big data and analytics software to Apple devices, so employees can tackle complex projects on their phones and tablets. If a storied company like IBM is embracing mobile to that extent, imagine how significant the platform is for Gig entrepreneurs, who thrive on early adoption and flexibility. Read more at

Using Smartphones and Apps to Enhance Loyalty Programs. Nearly as long as there have been coffee shops and carwashes, all manner of businesses have handed out buy-10-get-one-free punch cards and hoped to reap the rewards of this simplest of loyalty marketing campaigns. But a new day is dawning. Read more at

10 Vital Things Branding Can Do for You and Your Business. It’s the buzz around town these days… branding. And no, I’m not talking about a college tattoo fad or something that you might see on a herd of cattle, I’m talking about the same thing the top exec’s at Apple, Google, Red Bull, Zappos and, one of my local San Diego favorites, Rubios strategize about in their corporate boardrooms. (By the way, have you noticed Rubios now calls themselves Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill? That’s branding my friends.) Read more at