prepare for natural disasters

7 ways businesses should prepare for natural disasters

It’s not your imagination; weather-related and other natural disasters are happening more frequently, up to four times more often than fifty years ago. While hurricanes, floods, forest fires, tornadoes and earthquakes can devastate entire regions, they don’t have to be total disasters for your business – if you prepare. You’ll need to develop a natural […]

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Labor trends commercial

Four important labor trends in commercial cleaning

There’s tremendous opportunity in the commercial cleaning industry – some projections peg it at $175 billion in annual US revenues by the year 2020. There are, however, enormous challenges, too. Cleaning companies lose, on average, 55% of their business base each and every year, largely due to low customer satisfaction. While some of that may […]

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hygiene and dirty smart phones

The real dirt on dirty cell phones

Quick. Think of something ten times more germ-infested than a toilet seat. If the first thing that popped to mind wasn’t that cell phone in your hand, then you obviously haven’t read some fairly shocking research from both the US and Europe. In a study at the University of Arizona, microbiologists discovered that the average […]

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employee well being and office wellness

The value of employee well-being, for offices that want to do well

“People are your most valuable asset” is an old saw, to say the least — but it’s one with new teeth, thanks to recent Gallup research. The new findings point to the critical importance of investing in your employees’ health and well-being if you’re going to attract, manage, and retain this critical asset. Their health […]

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Office Buildings Get Efficient With Data Driven Solutions

Whether you are a CRE executive managing a diverse portfolio of office properties, or a business manager looking to optimize an individual workspace, data is the big new driver of efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s a quick look at what “data-driven” means in an office context, and how it’s transforming the contemporary workplace. Where does all […]

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New study highlights urgent need for office hand hygiene

You could call it White Collar Grime – after all, the dirty hands, desks, doorknobs and restrooms in U.S. offices “steal” some $260 billion from American businesses annually, in the form of health-related losses. The sixth-annual Hygiene and Health Report, (conducted by a global leader in workplace and public hygiene expertise, along with the United […]

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How a Sustainable Approach to Offices Can Sustain Profits

When companies start looking for “greener pastures” of profits, they don’t necessarily look outside. These days, some of the most successful organizations start by looking inward, at their own office space. They are, in part, simply giving investors what they want. As the latest State of Green Business Report notes, “Companies are increasingly responding to […]

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Building Success through Facility Managers and Property Managers

What would you call a sales opportunity worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually? We call it the office sector. Getting your share of this enormous market depends on understanding two key roles, those of facility managers and property managers. Their titles may sound alike, but their responsibilities and needs can be quite different. What’s […]

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From Green Backs to Green Bonds: Sustainability is a Rising Star of Corporate Financing

The old adage “money talks” has a new currency in business. That’s because consumers – some 87% of them – are increasingly saying that corporate sustainability impacts their attitudes and behaviors. As a result, businesses are investing heavily in sustainable initiatives, even turning to a new category of financial instruments to finance them: Corporate Sustainability […]

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