Should You Convert To Natural Gas Now That Oil Is Cheap? Industrial Round-Up

Should You Convert To Natural Gas Now That Oil Is Cheap? The top energy play for the last few years has been converting gasoline and diesel-burning motors to run on natural gas. I wrote about that in Energy Forecast 2013-2014: Convert to Natural Gas. Local delivery vans, over-the-road trucks and even farm tractors have been switched over. Now that oil is cheap, bringing with it drops in gasoline and diesel prices, does it still make sense to convert to natural gas? First we’ll review the economics of natural gas, then discuss business strategy in an uncertain energy future. Read more at

An Expensive Sunset For the Brent Oil Field.  LONDON — Cleaning up an oil field in a forbidding environment like the North Sea may be almost as formidable a task as developing one, and in the coming years, those waters are likely to serve as a laboratory for what happens when the useful lives of oil fields expire. Read more at

Oil Prices Hit the Snooze Button for the Next Year or Two. Oil bulls and bears need to stop talking their books and get real. Crude isn’t going back above $100 a barrel – at least not anytime soon. Nor is it falling to $20. Read more at