Restroom Tork Peakserve paper towel dispenser

What is the best high-capacity paper towel dispenser?

Restroom experience is important, and the world has never paid more attention to cleaning and hygiene than now. To provide a healthy workplace and ensure efficient operations for facility managers, Tork is proud to offer the highest capacity towel system on the market—with up to 250% more towels.1 Why is that important? Having hand towels available is one of the most important factors in improving hand hygiene compliance and contributing to a healthy workplace.

Do not let office hygiene get in the ​way of job satisfaction and productivity

3 in 4 office workers believe poor office hygiene indicates that the employer doesn’t care about them

As people begin to return to the office environment, hygiene can get in the way of job satisfaction and productivity. But it doesn’t have to.

Common office restroom issues

Hygiene, time, flow, and space are common restroom issues
  • Hygiene: Running out of paper hand towels is the most common complaint about restrooms. When hand towels aren’t always available people can’t practice proper hand hygiene increasing the risk of cross-contamination and more sick leave.5
  • Time: Cleaners spend and waste a lot of time on dispensers – checking, refilling, and gathering stock.
  • Flow: When towels run out, traffic flow is disturbed, and social distancing is not maintained as people move to another dispenser looking for a towel.
  • Space: Storage closets tend to be overcrowded by hand towel refills, and space on cleaning carts is limited

Continuous high-capacity dispensing is key

Tork PeakServe dispensers can be refilled quickly and easily at any time

Overcoming the most common office restroom issues comes down to continuous high-capacity dispensing. A continuous system is when refill bundles latch onto each other when loaded so the towels dispense with no interruption. A high-capacity system simply holds more towels at a time. Continuous high-capacity dispensing is why the Tork® PeakServe® Continuous Hand Towel System was created—and where it shines.

First, Tork PeakServe uses towels compressed by 50%6 to:

  • Offer the highest capacity on the market7
  • Save on storage space and reduce transportation environmental impact

Second, Tork PeakServe dispensers can be refilled quickly and easily at any time, which helps you avoid run-outs and waste. This allows you to:

  • Free up staff time for actual cleaning
  • Speed up restroom flow

Finally, since people only touch the towels they use, you get a very hygienic hand drying solution that helps you secure the new hygiene standard.

How Tork PeakServe works

Tork PeakServe bundles dispense without interruption, one towel at a time

All restrooms are not created equal

Many office buildings with high traffic restrooms also have mid and low-traffic restrooms. If facilities use specific hand wiping solutions for each, this adds complexity to inventory management and restroom servicing. At the same time, many facility managers want to use different quality refills in different parts of their facilities while still using the same dispensing system. In the US, we estimate that around 25% of high traffic venues feature recessed cabinets—adding more complexity to the landscape.

A PeakServe option for any restroom

Tork helps you cater to the requirements of different restroom layouts and experiences by offering a range of options within the Tork PeakServe family.

Serve your entire facility with the same system and cater to different restroom experience requirements
  • Very high and peak-traffic restrooms Tork PeakServe
  • Mid to high-traffic restrooms and restrooms with limited space Tork PeakServe Mini
  • Mid, high and peak-traffic restrooms with recessed cabinets Tork PeakServe Recessed Cabinet Adapters

Tork PeakServe also supports sustainability

Improve all facets of your sustainability performance by making the move to Tork PeakServe.

1. Well-being

  • Make hygiene accessible to all users. Taking a towel is always smooth and easy as Tork PeakServe dispensers are certified easy-to-use by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.
  • Tork PeakServe dispensers are ADA compliant.

2. More from less

  • 50% compressed towels enable you to store more towels on the cart, save storage space, increase the number of towels per truck to reduce the transportation environmental impact.
  • Eliminate waste from stub rolls and overconsumption with one-at-a-time dispensing.
  • All Tork Hand Towels are Tork PaperCircle compatible.

3. Circularity

  • Tork PeakServe towels are verified compostable and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified — the only Forest Certification recognized by LEED.
  • The fibers come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources.

Experience Tork PeakServe yourself

If you’re ready to secure the new hygiene standard while also freeing up time for more cleaning, speeding up the flow in your office restrooms, and increasing your sustainability performance, it’s time to try Tork PeakServe. From office workers to cleaning staff, help everyone have improved hand hygiene. Learn more and try Tork PeakServe for free today!

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