5 Old Rules of Business Success That Have Changed for 2015: Office Round-Up

5 Old Rules of Business Success That Have Changed for 2015. There’s never a time quite like the start of a new year. Your ideas to start or grow a business, that were once merely day dreams, are now pumped full of optimism and drive. It truly is an exciting time. However, I can’t help but feel that many businesses are started for the wrong reasons. Of course, we are all guilty of envisioning yachts, Ferraris, and mega-mansions, but I challenge all of you, myself included, to reach beyond that in 2015; reach beyond the confines of self-satisfaction, and in to a purpose that stretches far beyond yourself. Lets redefine what it means to be a success in business. Read more at www.huffingtonpost.com

Technology 2015: 5 Things That Every Small Business Needs. Google “small business technology” and you’ll very quickly be overwhelmed: There are more than 807 million articles on the search engine about it. But cut through all the clutter and I believe that the lessons of 2014 mean that there are five technologies that all small businesses must embrace in the New Year. Read more at www.huffingtonpost.com

Poor Management Costing U.S. Businesses Half a Trillion a Year. anagers from hell cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year, according to a Gallup poll. This results from employees being disengaged. Out of 100 million full-time employees in the U.S., 70 million are actively disengaged and not inspired. Furthermore, over 2.5 million workers quit their jobs in June 2014 (June 2014 BLS Survey), and the trend is increasing. Read more at www.huffingtonpost.com