What’s Hot Culinary Forecast: Foodservice Round-Up

What’s Hot Culinary Forecast. The National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot culinary forecast predicts food and menu trends for the coming year. For 2015, the NRA surveyed nearly 1,300 professional chefs – members of the American Culinary Federation American Culinary Federation (ACF) to find out what the hottest menu trends will be. Read more at www.restaurant.org

Barbecue, Italian food and fried chicken are top perennial menu favorites in 2015. Following the latest food and menu trends is important to planning menus strategically, but that doesn’t mean that popular staples should be ignored. According to the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot in 2015 culinary forecast, barbecue, Italian cuisine and fried chicken top the list of perennial menu favorites for the coming year. Read more at www.restaurant.org

Bones, Broth, Bliss. When Michelle Tam was growing up in Menlo Park, Calif., in the 1980s, her family sipped broth with dinner every single night. “We were full-on Cantonese,” Ms. Tam said, explaining that a light soup with herbs and perhaps a vegetable or two is an integral part of many traditional Chinese meals, acting as a digestive, a palate cleanser and a drink. “My mom used to make me go to the butcher and ask for the bones to make broth, which was totally embarrassing.” Read more at www.nytimes.com