5 Ways to Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur: Office Round-Up

5 Ways to Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to feel productive, but the reality is you are in complete control of how much work you can get done. It may require prioritization, delegation or a number of other strategies to make it work for you, but as an entrepreneur you’ll need to learn these strategies if you’re going to see your company thrive. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

Why Gesture Is Important – And What You’re Not Doing About It. It’s incredibly hard for us to notice what we’re doing, and so most of us are not aware of how important gesture is. In fact, we normally don’t think at all—at least, in the casual sense of the word think—about where we are in space, how we’re gesturing, or what kind of impression we’re making on the people around us as we wave our hands and talk. Most of that activity is left to our unconscious minds most of the time. Read more at forbes.com.

3 Key Business Lessons I Learned in 2014. The start of a year affords us all the opportunity to reflect back on the good and bad times of the previous 365 days. What were your highs and lows? What lessons did you learn professionally? In no particular order, here are my three key takeaways. Read more at huffingtonpost.com.