Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy, a Study Finds: Education Round-Up

Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy, a Study Finds. Study after study has shown a yawning educational achievement gap between the poorest and wealthiest children in America. But what does this gap costs in terms of lost economic growth and tax revenue? Read more at

Here Are The States That Spend The Most On Public School Students. The National Center for Education Statistics on Thursday released its latest data on how much money states are investing in public school students. Read more at

South Carolina Schools Partially Lift Junk Food Ban. GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina schools have partially lifted a ban on junk food. State Education Superintendent Molly Spearman has lifted a complete ban on selling unhealthy snacks in schools. Some sales can take place for certain, approved fundraisers, multiple media outlets reported Sunday. Read more at