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Take the quiz: Food trends in education

From K-12 through college, the latest food trends in education speak to much more than just serving food. To effectively satisfy students (and their parents), and meet the educational needs of diverse student populations, schools are discovering that they need to significantly “up their game.” Take this quick true-false quiz to see if you know what it takes to compete in educational foodservice today. Check True of False for each question; then go to the answers page.

1. True___ or False ___
Students are actually tired of too many options, and there’s a “simplicity trend” back to set menus and traditional comfort foods.

2. True___ or False ___
With food allergies on the rise, training on food safety and handling is becoming a must for school foodservice management and workers.

3. True___ or False ___
When it comes to food, the new crop of Gen Z students are surprisingly similar to the Millennials who preceded them at college.

4. True___ or False ___
Students increasingly look for healthy food options, and care about how and where the food is sourced.

5. True___ or False ___
The off-campus lunchbreak is a thing of the past, as students feel more and more pressure to study and don’t want to take the time to venture out into the community.

6. True___ or False ___
K-12 breakfast programs, proven effective in increasing concentration and alertness, while also reducing tardiness and absenteeism, are getting more innovative in an effort to reach more students.

7. True___ or False ___
As many as 50% of U.S. college students struggle with food insecurity, often skipping meals to save money.

8. True___ or False ___
Food waste is an important issue to students, who are taking action themselves and expect schools to do more.

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