Optimize manufacturing processes by cleaning

How to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce waste

Leoni custom wiring systems

It’s an essential question closely tied to a company’s success: How to improve maintenance and workstation efficiency? The answer for one company included using a service from Tork that helped them take a close look at their operations – and learn about products that could better get the job done.

This strategy worked for LEONI, a market-listed group of companies with nearly 95,000 employees in 32 countries. Its products include custom wiring systems for the global car, commercial vehicle, and component supply industry.

What is Tork® Workflow?

LEONI regularly looks to find more cost-efficient ways to clean products – and that’s where Tork Workflow made a difference. Tork Workflow is a complimentary service through which a Tork expert reviews a company’s maintenance and workstation efficiency. Tork Workflow is a 60-minute virtual or in-person session focused on a facility’s operations. The Tork expert then offers recommendations on how to reach targets and boost workplace efficiency while cutting costs. The Workflow report also features a free trial of Tork products best suited to meet specific needs.

Tork Workflow focuses on four areas:

  1. Productivity
  2. Waste
  3. Employee & Customer Satisfaction
  4. Environment, Health & Safety

LEONI found strong results with Tork Workflow

Tailor-made solutions in manufacturing with Tork Workflow

Before Tork Workflow, LEONI used the same wiper for all tasks throughout its operations. After, individual processes were optimized with Tork systems including a variety of professional wipers and dispensers. The primary results were a reduction in motion, inventory and defects waste.

Data further demonstrated the major results of implementing Tork solutions at LEONI, including the following:

  • 80% carbon footprint reduction
  • 18% material waste reduction
  • 18% toxic waste reduction

“We are really satisfied with all the solutions provided by Tork,” says Dragomir Alin, Product Section Manager, Leoni. “They helped us not only to reduce waste but boost workplace efficiency in a way that satisfied both our employees and customers.”

Focus on workplace efficiency with Tork

Tork Workflow is in line with the well-known 5S system for workplace efficiency. 5S is based on five Japanese words; the English translation is “sort,” “set in order,” “shine,” “standardize,” and “sustain.” 5S began as part of what is known as Lean Manufacturing, a system that aims to increase the value of products or services for customers. This goal is often accomplished by finding and eliminating waste from production processes.

Connect wiping and cleaning to efficiency

“What Tork can do is connect wiping and cleaning to production efficiency, which has high importance in manufacturing,” says Marius Pop, Manager, Romania, Essity. “Leoni knows, but not all manufacturers are aware, that proper cleaning solutions save time, reduce waste, and boost employee and customer satisfaction with lean approaches.”

Find out how you can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with Tork Workflow and other hygiene solutions for manufacturing.