Know the Impact of Food on Your Health: Healthcare Round-Up

Know the Impact of Food on Your Health. Food has become a centerpiece of American life, filling holiday celebrations, family milestones, and gatherings of friends or co-workers, regardless of the holiday or the season. What we sometimes forget, however, is the enormous effect food and beverages have on our health and well-being. The connection between food and health is, for many, one of the least understood and perhaps most neglected areas in healthcare. Read more at

Test of Strength: Fitness Apps vs. Personal Trainers. ACTIVITY trackers. Calorie counters. Phones with heart monitors. Technology companies are clearly fascinated with fitness and health these days. As technology starts pushing us to be healthier and fitter, some apps are even trying to replace the personal trainer or the gym entirely. While personal trainers can create a safe and effective workout, they can be expensive and sometimes inconvenient. A fitness app, though, can travel where you are and is relatively inexpensive — and sometimes even free. Read more at

One Simple Trick To Make Your Health Goals Stick. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re like most people, those goals you set at the beginning of 2015 are already starting to fall by the wayside. But if you want to jumpstart your resolutions and keep them going strong, don’t beat yourself up. Read more at