How to get fans back in your stadium

Preparation tips to welcome fans back in the stands

A study by the management consultancy Deloitte found that fans will only visit a stadium they feel is safe, comfortable and clean.1 And that was before COVID-19. Because of the pandemic, fan expectations for health and safety have only risen—requiring stadium management to take its hygiene game to the next level. Stadium events in the US, particularly […]

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sports stadium innovations

New sports stadium innovations help attract and handle crowds

Is the stadium business in big trouble, or full of promise for growth? How you answer that question depends on what type of event you’re holding, and how you’re attracting and keeping fans. If you’re in sports, you’ve been looking at trouble now for several years. Major League Baseball alone saw a million more empty […]

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Is Poor Hygiene the Dirty Little Secret Behind Fan Loss at Stadiums?

The continued decline in attendance at live sporting events is blamed on a variety of causes, from the rise of screen-loving millennials to the even steeper rise in ticket prices. In truth, many factors are driving the decline – but one in particular may be getting dangerously overlooked: good hygiene. Stadium bathrooms are a big […]

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