The 5 Keys to Building a Better School

Reading, writing and arithmetic no longer fulfills the breadth of knowledge children need to succeed. Similarly, as technology and society evolve, so does our understanding of what a good educational facility really offers. In order to provide students with the tools they need and the proper environment to thrive, consider these five key components:

1. Technology
High-quality education goes well beyond bricks and mortar in today’s tech-obsessed society. Accessibility and exposure to technology such as computers, tablets and smartphones boost digital literacy, a key component to being successful in today’s world.

2. Safety
A number of tragic events have occurred in schools throughout the world recently, causing security to become a top concern for parents when selecting a school. Ensuring children are safe and secure during school is a key quality all schools should share.

3. Health
On average, elementary school children get up to 12 colds or cases of the flu each school year, according to the CDC – and where there are children, germs are bound to spread. Thus, it’s especially important to teach children proper hygiene at a young age. Notices should be clearly displayed in bathrooms and in the classroom to encourage children to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, and after coughing, sneezing, and blowing their nose.

4. Sustainability
Reducing waste and educating children on how their actions impact the environment helps shape the next generation for a cleaner, greener earth. Within the last decade this has become increasingly important to the broader public and that trend continues to grow.

5. Leadership
Perhaps the single most important quality of a superior educational facility is the quality of its teachers. A quality teacher is committed to having a positive effect on student development and an uncanny ability to cater to the different learning styles of each of their students. A well-trained, motivated teaching staff is central to providing students with the quality education they deserve.