Creating the Offices of Tomorrow, Today

From traditional office spaces to the modern, open-office concept, workplaces are constantly undergoing change. Not only are working environments shifting, the way people work is also evolving, making it imperative that the janitorial and sanitation industry stay ahead of the curve in an effort to meet the evolved demands of building occupants. That is why Tork®, an Essity brand, has commissioned research on office trends by interviewing 8,000 office workers in major cities around the globe to uncover what they believe the offices of the future will look like.

Coming out of the Tork Office Trend Report, there are three trends that define what employees want from their workplace:

  • An Intelligent Office

    Survey respondents noted that restroom maintenance and cleanliness continues to be a critical factor. In fact, four out of ten survey respondents say they encounter empty soap and paper dispensers and restrooms that haven’t been properly cleaned. Poorly kept washrooms reflect negatively on cleaning staff and building management, leading to dissatisfied tenants and complaints. That’s why the smart technology of Tork Vision Cleaning1 Intelligent Restroom System is designed to help address these issues before they even arise. Not only will this lead to more satisfied tenants, but with access to real-time data, like how full – or empty – restroom dispensers are, cleaning staff’s time becomes more efficient by eliminating the time wasted checking each dispenser’s product capacity. Due to this increased efficiency, cleaning staff are able to focus on other cleaning and maintenance needs.

  • A Conscious Office

    Employees are increasingly aware of how their office environment affects their health and wellness. To attract talent, companies need to provide a hygienic and comfortable office environment. One industry expert Tork interviewed noted, “Ten years ago, tenant companies didn’t care what was in the walls and how buildings were cleaned. Today, they demand to know.” Given that employees value sustainable workplaces being taken seriously, companies are now charged with purchasing environmentally friendly solutions and products that minimize impact on the planet.

    Tork provides a variety of hand towels that meet this standard, delivering true, sustainable comfort as one-at-a-time dispensing reduces consumption and increases hygiene thus leaving a positive impression on users while minimizing environmental impact. The future will be bright for cleaning companies and service providers that don’t just bring a low price per square meter to the table, but offer a holistic approach to office hygiene and sustainability, meeting the demands of increasingly conscious workers and giving their clients a competitive edge.

  • A Flexible Office

    Office workers want it all – social and interactive spaces that also provide peace and quiet. Knowing everyone succeeds in different environments and these needs can change on a daily basis, a one-size-fits-all office no longer does the trick. The report found that building management needs to “become smarter about recognizing and accommodating many differing needs.” Providing flexible solutions that meet varying demands while maintaining a healthy office ambiance is vital. This is possible with products such as Tork Image Design™ when recessed solutions can easily be paired with countertop products to meet increased usage – all with a cohesive look and feel.

Research from the report shows us offices of the future need spaces that are customized to tenants’ desires to have intelligent, conscious and flexible spaces and Tork washroom solutions make it easier to keep up with these needs. The Tork Office Trend Report includes research from major North American cities such as San, Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Ottawa. To find the full Tork Office Trend Report 2016, visit

1 Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube®