infection control and hygiene healthcare

A hands-on look at infection control in healthcare

It’s clear that infection control is a critical concern for healthcare facilities. What isn’t clear is why so few facilities take an adequate approach to what the Centers for Disease control has long promoted as the best means of preventing the spread of infection: hand hygiene. Research shows that 80% of infections are caused by […]

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AR VR industrial plant maintenance

Trends in Plant Maintenance and Manufacturing: The Rise of AR & VR

In an industrial world where the reality of plant maintenance is, for many, still defined by 19th century resources like shop rags (versus plentifully available high-tech industrial wipers), it may seem strange to discuss seemingly futuristic innovations such as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR). But new research from global management consultancy PwC points […]

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Five technology trends taking center stage in performance venues

Even in an increasingly virtual world, live events are big business, with US concert and event revenues projected at $31 billion for 2018 (not including franchise sporting events or business conferences). Rather than conflicting with each other, the virtual and real worlds are intersecting to enhance events, driven by innovative technology trends that can pay […]

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