Technology That Defends Against Hospital-Acquired Infections: Healthcare Round-Up

Technology That Defends Against Hospital-Acquired Infections. In the news: Medicare cut payments to five Middle Tennessee hospitals because of failure to control healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and prevent serious complications. Read more at

3 Surprising Hospital Leadership Trends. Over the last two decades there have been dramatic shifts in the composition of the country’s demographics. There have not, however, been significant advancements in the representation of minority leadership in our nation’s health care and hospital systems. Meanwhile, the increasing role of women has introduced several noteworthy changes to c-suites and board memberships. Some of these have come alongside and because of the recent move towards clinicians as leaders. Read more at

Hospitals Are Wrong About Shifting Cost to Private Insurers. To hear some hospital executives tell it, they have to make up payment shortfalls from Medicaid and Medicare by charging higher prices to privately insured patients. How else could a hospital stay afloat if it didn’t? But this logic is flawed.