hospitals save energy increase sustainability

How hospitals save energy, save money, save lives

There’s one big reason hospitals are rapidly moving to the forefront of environmental sustainability – those efforts can make this economically-challenged sector more financially sustainable. New efficiencies save energy, significantly cut costs This movement is not being led by environmentalists, but by hard-nosed (and creative) hospital CFOs and administrators. Their first target has been the […]

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hidden hospital germs

Pulling back the curtain on hidden hospital germs

Hospital curtains are supposed to safeguard a patient’s privacy; unfortunately, research shows they can also endanger patient health. Hidden in the folds of nearly nine out of ten hospital curtains you’ll find methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. The curtains tested started out uncontaminated; a control group of curtains never hung, but which were stored in […]

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Healthcare sustainability hospitals

Do patients care about sustainability?

The short answer to our headline question is a resounding “Yes.” Today’s hospital patients care about sustainability in a big way. They are much like consumers in all categories, three quarters of whom are more likely to buy a product or service if the organization behind it is committed to sustainable practices. It’s no wonder, […]

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Expanding sustainability can better the bottom line in the long run

Environmental sustainability is not a passing fad. For as long as it’s been a hot-button topic, it shows no signs of subsiding. And like any other business, hospitals often feel the push to “Go Green.” Meaningful environmental sustainability goes beyond implementing a few recycled products or using some EPA-approved cleaners. It’s a big commitment—one that […]

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Design a hospital to fight infection head on

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are the cause of significant medical and economic expense on clinics, hospitals and facilities everywhere. HAIs are usually caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses or other infectious agents that live in medical settings. Researcher Jack Gilbert spent 16 months studying microbes in a hospital environment. Gilbert, an environmental microbiologist at Argonne National Laboratory, […]

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Time to embrace social media—or pay the cost

It’s often difficult for hospitals to determine the quality of care a patient received during a hospital stay. While doctors tend to gauge success by whether or not a patient was cured, the patient experience oftentimes goes well beyond mere medical diagnosis. 1,2,3 HCAHPS—a survey that determines Medicare funding based on patient rated categories such […]

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Technology That Defends Against Hospital-Acquired Infections: Healthcare Round-Up

Technology That Defends Against Hospital-Acquired Infections. In the news: Medicare cut payments to five Middle Tennessee hospitals because of failure to control healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and prevent serious complications. Read more at 3 Surprising Hospital Leadership Trends. Over the last two decades there have been dramatic shifts in the composition of the country’s demographics. […]

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