value-based healthcare
rising healthcare costs and engagement

How to address consumer stress over healthcare costs

It’s an all-too well-known fact, so familiar that the healthcare industry may be tempted to forget it: consumers are stressed-out about healthcare costs, and there’s no easy cure. But for their health, and also the well-being of the healthcare industry, professionals need to keep the issue top of mind, with an eye toward alleviating the […]

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hospitals save energy increase sustainability

How hospitals save energy, save money, save lives

There’s one big reason hospitals are rapidly moving to the forefront of environmental sustainability – those efforts can make this economically-challenged sector more financially sustainable. New efficiencies save energy, significantly cut costs This movement is not being led by environmentalists, but by hard-nosed (and creative) hospital CFOs and administrators. Their first target has been the […]

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hidden hospital germs

Pulling back the curtain on hidden hospital germs

Hospital curtains are supposed to safeguard a patient’s privacy; unfortunately, research shows they can also endanger patient health. Hidden in the folds of nearly nine out of ten hospital curtains you’ll find methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. The curtains tested started out uncontaminated; a control group of curtains never hung, but which were stored in […]

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Healthcare sustainability hospitals

Do patients care about sustainability?

The short answer to our headline question is a resounding “Yes.” Today’s hospital patients care about sustainability in a big way. They are much like consumers in all categories, three quarters of whom are more likely to buy a product or service if the organization behind it is committed to sustainable practices. It’s no wonder, […]

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Writing prescription

Four Big Benefits of Fostering Community in Healthcare

The term “community engagement” in healthcare is often viewed as an external concern, a matter of outreach and education. Healthcare organizations, however, are wise to expand their definition to embrace community building among and between all stakeholders, from staff and patients to the public at large. The benefits of this expanded view are many and […]

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How to Tell if Healthcare Consumerism Will Help or Hurt You

It’s no secret that people are increasingly impatient with traditional norms of healthcare. Internet-empowered consumers are taking charge, disrupting the health provider space just as thoroughly as they have upended the retail, hotel and taxi industries, to name just a few. The healthcare industry, however, is complex and changes require a wide-spectrum of considerations. If […]

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The Trend from Community to Population-based Healthcare

If you don’t quite understand the evolution of community-based to population-based health care, join the club. As a simple online search will reveal, the health care field has long grappled with defining these terms. But given their potential to improve patient outcomes, and also reduce provider costs, it pays to understand how the two trends […]

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How to Turn On the Power of Cross-Functional Healthcare Teams

The healthcare field is known for attracting some of the most intelligent and committed individuals in in our society. But individual brilliance and personal passion are not enough to meet the challenges of healthcare complexity and cost, nor the rising expectations for patient care. It takes a team. But what does it take to really […]

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How to Create Long-Term Success in Long-Term Care

How much of a challenge is long-term care in our society? The numbers speak for themselves: half of all people turning 65 now will need long-term care (LTC) in their lifetimes. That translates to 15 million people by 2050, more than twice the current number. In any challenge, of course, lies opportunity for diligent, creative […]

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