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Step-by-step to sustainability

The path to corporate sustainability can seem too complex to even approach. But in a recent article in Explore magazine, Carrie Schuster of SCA North America details five practical steps an organization can take to achieve a holistic sustainability program. These real-world insights will set you on a path toward a powerful business model that […]

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Seven simple steps to make your waiting room patient-friendly.

Whether it’s for a table at your favorite restaurant, or for your doctor to see you, no one likes to wait. And sometimes the waiting room in a doctor’s office, hospital or care center, can only make the experience worse. However, there are ways you can enhance your waiting room to help your patients and […]

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Expanding sustainability can better the bottom line in the long run

Environmental sustainability is not a passing fad. For as long as it’s been a hot-button topic, it shows no signs of subsiding. And like any other business, hospitals often feel the push to “Go Green.” Meaningful environmental sustainability goes beyond implementing a few recycled products or using some EPA-approved cleaners. It’s a big commitment—one that […]

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Design a hospital to fight infection head on

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are the cause of significant medical and economic expense on clinics, hospitals and facilities everywhere. HAIs are usually caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses or other infectious agents that live in medical settings. Researcher Jack Gilbert spent 16 months studying microbes in a hospital environment. Gilbert, an environmental microbiologist at Argonne National Laboratory, […]

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Strategic dispenser placement important for hand hygiene in hospitals

Healthcare professionals take pride in taking the best possible care of their patients. An important duty is to practice good hand hygiene in order to minimize cross-contamination and the spread of healthcare-associated infections. The World Hand Hygiene day, 5th of May* is aimed at supporting healthcare professionals in achieving and maintaining high hand hygiene compliance. […]

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Five ways to prevent further disaster during an emergency situation

When disaster strikes, hygiene means more than just washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. It also means maintaining cleanliness and preventing infectious outbreaks and sickness in affected areas and evacuation centers. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are a variety of factors health care providers and officials need […]

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Hand hygiene delivers value in long-term care facilities

Infection control and prevention in long-term care facilities is critical to resident care and safety. In fact, studies show how hand hygiene alone can save medical facilities up to $2.8 billion in direct costs1. Furthermore, 80% of patients see hand hygiene posters and signage as a sign of cleanliness in facilities2. Johnathon Gregory, Director of […]

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Cut wait times to drive productivity, satisfaction and patient perceptions

In today’s world of instant-gratification—and patient satisfaction—there’s a growing imperative for healthcare providers to see more patients in less time. From a business perspective, reducing wait times means doctors can see more patients, collect more revenue and expand their practices. From the patient’s standpoint, providers are evolving to support their needs and improve perceptions. Here […]

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