Making the grade:
Three tech-savvy ways to improve the patient experience

In today’s world, technology evolves rapidly and patients expect to see the same technological conveniences in their healthcare facility as they do in their daily lives. For healthcare facilities, embracing the latest technology trends can help them become better patient environments. While technological advancements are often adopted quickly in a care delivery or clinical setting, […]

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Three ways restroom hygiene can impact patient health

In the business of healthcare, every patient’s experience and recovery time at a healthcare facility can dramatically affect HCAHPS or patient satisfaction scores. Keeping these scores up is good for continued positive patient recommendations. While there are many factors that affect patient satisfaction, sometimes it’s as simple as keeping patient restrooms clean. In fact an […]

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Time to embrace social media—or pay the cost

It’s often difficult for hospitals to determine the quality of care a patient received during a hospital stay. While doctors tend to gauge success by whether or not a patient was cured, the patient experience oftentimes goes well beyond mere medical diagnosis. 1,2,3 HCAHPS—a survey that determines Medicare funding based on patient rated categories such […]

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Five valuable lessons hospitals can learn from the hospitality industry

Hotel guest satisfaction is at an all-time high, scoring 784 points on a 1000-point scale, according to the 2014 North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study by J.D. Power. From upscale luxury to economy/budget, hotels have stepped up their game by 27 points since 2012—making a huge, positive impact on guest experience and brand relevance.1 […]

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Technology That Defends Against Hospital-Acquired Infections: Healthcare Round-Up

Technology That Defends Against Hospital-Acquired Infections. In the news: Medicare cut payments to five Middle Tennessee hospitals because of failure to control healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and prevent serious complications. Read more at 3 Surprising Hospital Leadership Trends. Over the last two decades there have been dramatic shifts in the composition of the country’s demographics. […]

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Strengthening Hospital Hand Hygiene Compliance Programs

When training hospital staff, it’s easy to overlook one of the most fundamental disease prevention practices due to its simplicity. While most Americans begin learning to wash their own hands as toddlers, as adults in the health care industry, they must pay special attention to this safety precaution in an effort to protect their patients. […]

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13 Ways to Stop Drinking Soda for Good: Healthcare Round-Up

13 Ways to Stop Drinking Soda for Good: Healthcare Round-Up. You know soda’s not exactly good for you — but at the same time, it can be hard to resist. Its sweet taste, pleasant fizz and energizing jolt often seems like just what you need to wash down your dinner, get you through an afternoon […]

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Know the Impact of Food on Your Health: Healthcare Round-Up

Know the Impact of Food on Your Health. Food has become a centerpiece of American life, filling holiday celebrations, family milestones, and gatherings of friends or co-workers, regardless of the holiday or the season. What we sometimes forget, however, is the enormous effect food and beverages have on our health and well-being. The connection between […]

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3 Tips to Help Empower Employees to be Health-wise Consumers

With many businesses overhauling their health programs as the Affordable Care Act rolls out, it’s more important than ever for employers to help employees navigate an increasingly complex healthcare landscape. According to the Altarum Institute, Americans spend more time researching car purchases and new appliances than they do choosing doctors and health plans. Employers can […]

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