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How to Tell if Healthcare Consumerism Will Help or Hurt You

It’s no secret that people are increasingly impatient with traditional norms of healthcare. Internet-empowered consumers are taking charge, disrupting the health provider space just as thoroughly as they have upended the retail, hotel and taxi industries, to name just a few. The healthcare industry, however, is complex and changes require a wide-spectrum of considerations. If […]

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The Trend from Community to Population-based Healthcare

If you don’t quite understand the evolution of community-based to population-based health care, join the club. As a simple online search will reveal, the health care field has long grappled with defining these terms. But given their potential to improve patient outcomes, and also reduce provider costs, it pays to understand how the two trends […]

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How to Turn On the Power of Cross-Functional Healthcare Teams

The healthcare field is known for attracting some of the most intelligent and committed individuals in in our society. But individual brilliance and personal passion are not enough to meet the challenges of healthcare complexity and cost, nor the rising expectations for patient care. It takes a team. But what does it take to really […]

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How to Create Long-Term Success in Long-Term Care

How much of a challenge is long-term care in our society? The numbers speak for themselves: half of all people turning 65 now will need long-term care (LTC) in their lifetimes. That translates to 15 million people by 2050, more than twice the current number. In any challenge, of course, lies opportunity for diligent, creative […]

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How “Little” Things Can Pay Big Dividends for Long-term Care Facilities

The dilemma is obvious: quality nursing home care is costly, both for provider and resident. One important part of the solution, however, is not so self-evident: In this world of big-ticket expenses, for people, medicine, technology and facilities, little things can really pay off. 5 Overlooked Paths to Lower Costs and Higher Resident Satisfaction The […]

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Podcast: World Hand Hygiene Day

SCA is proud to share new research looking at the prevalence of bacteria found within patient surroundings. This recent study sponsored by Vinnova, the Swedish government looked at ways to decrease health care-associated infections. In this podcast we spoke with Brigitta Bergstrom, a microbiologist involved in the Vinnova project, and Carolyn Berland, a senior scientist […]

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Health in the built environment

We’ve always looked for ways to make our built environment safer. But what if they could also make us healthier? Can buildings impact overall health and health-related issues such as obesity, diabetes and asthma? SCA, makers of the Tork brand, looked for answers, partnering with architect and sustainability consultant Alan Scott. This white paper, Health […]

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Step-by-step to sustainability

The path to corporate sustainability can seem too complex to even approach. But in a recent article in Explore magazine, Carrie Schuster of SCA North America details five practical steps an organization can take to achieve a holistic sustainability program. These real-world insights will set you on a path toward a powerful business model that […]

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