Creating the Offices of Tomorrow, Today

From traditional office spaces to the modern, open-office concept, workplaces are constantly undergoing change. Not only are working environments shifting, the way people work is also evolving, making it imperative that the janitorial and sanitation industry stay ahead of the curve in an effort to meet the evolved demands of building occupants. That is why […]

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How to Choose the Right Soap for Your Business

With the arrival of spring comes a new challenge for business owners across the country. While it’s easy to assume cold and flu season disappears with the snow, employees and building guests are still susceptible – and carriers! – for bacteria, allergens and viruses. Studies show that the flu doesn’t just affect those left coughing […]

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Square Expands Its Reach Into Small-Business Services: Office Round-Up

Square Expands Its Reach Into Small-Business Services. What is Square? The six-year-old payments start-up began by offering small, square-shaped credit card readers that plug into smartphones or tablets. The device helps small businesses easily accept credit card payments. Read more at How Do You Create a Culture of Service? In December, Points of Light […]

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Is That an Office In Your Pocket? Office Round-Up

Is That an Office In Your Pocket? Earlier this month, IBM launched their first batch of enterprise apps, designed in partnership with Apple. The apps bring IBM’s big data and analytics software to Apple devices, so employees can tackle complex projects on their phones and tablets. If a storied company like IBM is embracing mobile […]

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Mobile Apps Improving Guest Services in the Hospitality Industry

The travel industry has been on the forefront of using mobile technology to enhance the customer experience – impacting how consumers plan and book vacations, track flight itineraries, navigate tourist destinations, and more. In turn, the neighboring hospitality industry is also making changes. Hotels in particular are now offering apps to reach a new level […]

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5 Ways to Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur: Office Round-Up

5 Ways to Stay Productive as an Entrepreneur. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to feel productive, but the reality is you are in complete control of how much work you can get done. It may require prioritization, delegation or a number of other strategies to make it work for you, but as an entrepreneur […]

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12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015: Office Round-Up

12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015. The past year was big for any small business that works online, and while many businesses focused on getting their finances in check to prepare for the following year, the big influence for majority of small business owners was customer care and understanding — one of […]

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Fist Bump vs. Hand Shake – Which is Most Hygienic?

The fist bump. Considered one of the only equal nonverbal gestures in the world, it went viral in 2008 when President Barack Obama casually fist-bumped his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, during his presidential campaign. But along with the gesture’s novelty, fist bumps are being hailed as the cleanest of nonverbal expressions. As the public […]

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