accident prevention and safety

Three ways plant managers can reduce slip, trip and fall accidents

It’s the $11 billion question – how can US industry avoid slip, trip and fall (STF) accidents on the job? That’s how much those types of workplace accidents cost manufacturers and other employers each and every year. Fortunately, this costly question has a few relatively easy answers. One: Take advantage of the right materials and […]

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Food safety

Four steps to better food safety (and better food processing profits)

Food recalls are up dramatically, with a four-fold increase in just the last few years. This situation not only threatens public health, it also undermines the financial health of affected corporations. The average food recall in the U.S. costs food processors $10 million in direct costs, while long-term financial impacts can be even greater, due […]

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Integrated Supply Changing Industry Landscape

The past, present & future of the integrated supply chain revolution

Since the introduction of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) in the 1980s, it has rapidly evolved into a way to control costs, improve process and strengthen the vendor and customer relationship. Given the impact that effective integration can have on the bottom line, and the rate at which the processes and technologies behind it are changing, […]

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3D printing: New dimensions in profitability and sustainability

The recent excitement around consumer-grade 3D printers may make it seem like there is a hot new tech fad emerging. In fact, 3D printing began in the 1980s, and has been heating up in the manufacturing space for some time. It currently represents a six-billion-dollar industry – one that is set to grow exponentially. The […]

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How to Use Preventive Maintenance for Shift Worker Safety

Much has been written about “shift work,” and the higher incidence of disease and other health-limiting factors among those who work irregular schedules and long hours. Multiple studies point to serious long-term effects, including higher rates of cancer, diabetes and sleep disorders. Less prominent has been the discussion of a more immediate risk to shift-worker […]

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How to Move Up to Predictive Maintenance

Improving productivity and profitability are two key areas manufacturers work to perfect. This isn’t always an easy task. Creating preventive maintenance plans has long been an industrial best practice and it ensures that scheduled equipment maintenance and routine cleanings are completed. This practice alone can help reduce downtime, but there is more work to be […]

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Reimagine, Restore, Regenerate – Rejoice! The Promise of a Circular Economy.

The shortest distance between success and sustainability may not be a straight line – it’s more likely a circle. Or to be more precise, a circular economy. Today’s dominant economic approach is often described as “take-make-dispose,” meaning we take resources, we make whatever we want, however we want to make it, and then, when our […]

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Industrial Hygiene Goes High Tech with the IoT

The terms “hygiene” and “the Internet of Things” (IoT) may seem worlds apart – unless your world is industrial hygiene management. In that case, you may feel overwhelmed trying to sort out the hype from the helpful information. Here’s a quick introduction to the current practice and future potential of IoT in the management of […]

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How to Reduce Illness and Injury Costs: The Three Ps

Research shows that, in the U.S. alone, illness and injury cost employers as much at $576 annually. The good news? Businesses can significantly lower those costs by concentrating on the Three Ps: 1. Programs 2. Products 3. People Create programs for health and safety to keep your bottom line from getting hurt. When it comes […]

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