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profitable food trends

4 ways hotels can cash in on food and beverage growth

It’s no secret that, in a “foodie” culture, food and beverage (F&B) is an increasingly important part of hotel profitability. Revenue from F&B has grown an average of 5.5% over the past decade, with profit margins steadily improving, from just under 25% to nearly 30% in the same timeframe. Given that ninety-three percent of travelers […]

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hotel labor shortage

3 keys to counter lodging’s labor shortage

It’s hardly a secret that the lodging industry labor shortage has hotel HR departments working overtime. Thanks to low unemployment, higher minimum wages, and changes in immigration laws, the labor pool is unusually low, and employee turnover is exceptionally high – 70% annually. With labor costs already the largest line item on hotel balance sheets […]

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hotels can improve sustainability with green methods

How hotels enhance sustainability to improve ratings and bookings

You can forgive traditional hoteliers if they seem “green” with envy these days. After all, more sustainability-minded competitors are starting to significantly outperform them in everything from customer satisfaction to ultimate financial performance. Just consider recent reports from TripAdvisor and Cornell University. Trip Advisor GreenLeaders lead in hotel customer ratings Several years ago, TripAdvisor – […]

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the importance of online hotel reviews

The make-or-break nature of hotel reviews

Just how important are hotel reviews? If you have to ask the question, you may already be seeing a decline in bookings. Ninety-three percent of travelers read online reviews before booking a hotel. For those with fewer than three stars, 88% of potential guests immediately cross them off the list. Even establishments with “only” four […]

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experiential travel

How “handcrafted” hotels grab more guests with local experiences

In an increasingly homogenized world, consumers in all categories are craving authenticity and originality – and nowhere is that more evident than in the hotel industry. One survey of 1000 hoteliers found that more and more guests are rejecting cookie-cutter hotels in favor of those that help them experience the true essence of a place […]

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Hotel water savings innovation

Why innovative hotels are awash in savings – on water.

For years, many hotels were literally letting profits run down the drain, by neglecting water conservation. But today, the lodging industry is leading the way in innovative water management, saving money, boosting profits and providing an excellent example of why sustainability is becoming an indispensable business practice. Lots of water, lots of opportunity Hotels use […]

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4 Ways Hotels Can Turn Design into Dollars

What do you do when forty percent of the demand for hotel rooms comes from the midscale segment, but your room inventory tends toward upscale travelers? You get daring. You disrupt. And you design a whole new approach to hotels. That’s exactly what Hilton set out to do with its still-new Tru Brand – and […]

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It’s Time to Check in on Your Hotel’s Training

We’re almost 20% through the 21st century, and yet leading experts say that training for the lodging sector is still stuck in 19th century techniques. It’s time for an update and upgrade in hotel training. Old ways miss out on new opportunities There are some 100 million employees in the hospitality industry worldwide. The sheer […]

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Well, Well, Well: How Healthy Programs Add Healthy Hotel Profits

The hotel industry continues to be healthy, with one recent report forecasting increases in “occupancy, average daily room rate, revenue per available room, total operating revenue and gross operating profits from 2017 to 2018.” But growth is slowing after nearly a decade of continued building — a situation that usually precedes a downturn. Hoteliers, of […]

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