The Real Dirt on Hotels vs. the Sharing Economy

Disruptive business models are all the rage — and none has caused more industry rage than Airbnb. The hotel industry is in the midst of a multi-million-dollar effort aimed at regulators and consumers alike, looking to get shared accommodations to play by the rules, and consumers to realize what it means that they’re not. Even […]

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How to make your hotel restaurants into local heroes

If you visit Cindy’s, the always-packed Chicago restaurant with its endless views, you may think that, looking out at the panorama of city and lake, you’ve seen the secret to its success. But to get the complete picture, you need to look down, imagining you can see through the floor – which is actually the […]

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Four hotel dining options to keep guests coming back

Customer loyalty in the hotel business isn’t just a matter of having a good frequent visitor points program. More and more, according to a recent report from consulting giant Deloitte, it’s about making sure your guests have a great experience. And particularly for millennials, where quality of life on and off the road is of […]

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How hotels can make money with “moveable feasts”

If you want to find new growth in hotel food and beverage revenue in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, you have to plant seeds beyond the traditional fields, using creative techniques and adopting a whole new mindset. New F&B revenue opportunities here, there and everywhere Traditional hotel dining options rest in set locations, typically a restaurant or, […]

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5 Trends That Can Give Your Hotel “Staying” Power

The hotel industry forecast for 2017 is bright, but not without a few clouds on the horizon. Yes, the experts are expecting that guests will spend 1.2 billion nights in U.S. hotels, and that revenues overall will be up over four percent. But while demand is still good, supply now significantly exceeds it (to the […]

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How to improve hotel recommendations via improved CX

Customer experience. In a travel world now dominated by customer reviews, the experience of each customer is paramount—after all, what are those reviews based on if not experience? Develop a finer touch with all the touchpoints So how is customer experience shaped? One touch at a time. In modern marketing jargon, the expression would be […]

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Sharing your sustainability story can also increase your bookings

Not long ago, the term “eco-tourist” may have conjured images of backpackers in Birkenstocks trekking to remote destinations in numbers too minuscule to be considered mainstream. Well, that was then — this is a whole new now. Now, as in The International Year of Sustainable Tourism. Now, in the era where major recommendation resources like […]

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The wrong kind of reservations

With 44% of millennials preferring to book lodging reservations online (compared to just 26% of Baby Boomers)1, it’s easier than ever before for negative experiences with hygiene to factor into lodging reviews and decisions. That can lead to reservations about, well, reservations. A single negative review can have consequences as far as reservations, especially when […]

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From Menus to the Mini-Bar: The Latest Trends in Lodging Restaurants

Food and travel go hand-in-hand. Part of exploring a new place or culture is experiencing the local cuisine. Now more than ever, travelers are expecting hotel restaurants to go above and beyond their expectations and not only provide top quality lodging experiences, but also the best food experiences the destination has to offer. As with […]

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